Transitioning into a New Life

The Free-Man House provides a clean and sober living environment that is Christ centered and focused on recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, as well as many other kinds of addictions.  We have been serving the public in a way that helps to take alcoholics and drug addicts from the streets and put them in a safe environment. We are also a caring transition home for ex-offenders.

In the Dallas area there are numerous half-way and transitional living houses that claim a drug and alcohol-free environment. Most end up being across the street from the beer store or next door to the neighborhood crack house, not much more than simply a place to recycle and clean up for a while until the pull of the street is greater than the desire to stay clean.

Whether newly released from prison, just coming off that last high, or out of work with no place to take a shower and clean up for a job interview, those who are determined to change their life – this time and are desperately looking for a hand up – not a hand out, these are the people that Free Man House helps.

Free Man House provides a stable home that produces a stable life style.

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